01 Jan 15 – No WOD, No Sugar……..sort of

No WOD today but for all you avid readers out there, I ate:

Breakfast – bacon, scrambled eggs, black pudding and mushrooms. Small glass of apple juice.

Lunch – Fish pie (cod, smoked cod, peas, sweet potato and a cheese sauce)

Dinner – Roasted Veg pie (didn’t eat the crust), roasted sweet potato and green salad (with olive oil dressing).

Dessert – a small piece of gluten-free Christmas cake.


OK OK OK!! I know! I ate cake!! Sue me!

This goes back to yesterday’s blog where I talked about the inconveniencing of the family. Mrs Nomad made an absolutely incredible GF Christmas Cake for our coeliac daughter and there was still half left this morning. I have said that I will use that as my only treat until Mon 5th Jan when, regardless of how much is left, I will not be eating any more.

How do I feel? Whenever I felt a craving to raid the Quality Streets I just cracked a walnut or a few almonds. So far, so good, no real difference.


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