30 Dec 14 – Change is Coming. Challenge!

I know.

I know.

I know.

Everyone is compiling their New Year’s Resolutions and everyone is saying, “Come 1st Jan, I’m doing…..xxxx”.

Well, for me it is true. More than a week of over-indulgence is coming to an end and will cease in militant fashion on 1st Jan. It’s back to the way I was aboard ship early this season. Nil refined sugar, nil starchy carbs, plenty of clean protein and mountains of green veg, water and coffee. I currently feel bloated albeit really satisfied. It has been so much fun eating and drinking to relative excess. There is a time and place for it in any training programme unless you are extremely specific in your goals and looking to challenge for a world title or something. You can’t take things too seriously.

However, it can’t become habit forming or ‘the norm’. I know what is healthy and I know what isn’t. If I want to make gains this year (new goals to come soon) then I have to be specific and focussed, especially given the limited time and opportunity that I have in my daily routine.

Change is coming back. The disregard that I have placed to my health over the last fortnight or so will be recovered from. January is often regarded as the most depressing month but with a specific goal, entirely focussed to that one month, getting through it becomes an exciting challenge.

Therefore, for the month of January, I am going to complete the Paleo Challenge. There is no goal beyond that and completing it will be the goal in itself. I am intrigued to see the results that a month of truly clean eating will bring, both in the box and in the mirror. I will blog each day and would appreciate feedback from anyone else who has experience of this.

Let’s do this!


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