19 Dec 14 Friday – Open 13.5 AGAIN!!!

So, I’m coaching now at CrossFit Plymouth. While Janie has the Christmas period off, I am covering the 0615 sessions on Mon / Wed / Fri and I must admit to really enjoying it once more. On Wed, I took the sessions but didn’t compete as I was feeling the effects of the rugby. The right hamstring needs a bit of careful handling but it was the DOMS in the quads that really took it out of me; I couldn’t even raise my legs properly to press the clutch while driving!

However, this morning I decided that I was going to take part as Christmas is upon us and it would be took easy to just sit back and let the gorgeous food and beer take its toll. When I looked at the WOD, I instantly wished I hadn’t made that decision. CrossFit Open 13.5 to finish the week! My first reaction was “you bastard!” but I immediately turned it around and saw it as an opportunity to build on the points from the last time I did it (about a month or so ago). On that last attempt, I smashed my PR by about 3 mins and knew then that I could do even better.

First up though, some Back Squats:

5 x 5 – 90 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100

Not the best but first thing in the morning is never the best time for this sort of endeavour and I am not being hard on myself over it. It was still a moderately good showing and Beyondthewhiteboard.com places it in the 65th percentile of such performances worldwide.

With some more warm up we then proceeded in to CrossFit Open 13.5. My previous best for this was 19:57.


  • Thrusters (42.5kg)
  • Over Bar Burpees

Destroying the first round unbroken, I headed in to the next. Unbroken again! And the next!! However, it wasn’t until I was finishing the 12s that I realised I was far to far ahead of time and that I had missed out the 18s!!! 😦 Not to be demoralised, I picked up the bar and attacked the 18s. Breaking it in to 3 x 6s, I then fell back in to rhythm with unbroken 9s, 6s and 3s. I could see the timer as I ploughed through and simply couldn’t believe it.

Total time: 15:38!!!

So amazed have I been by this time that I have tried to undermine it by finding reasons why it couldn’t be possible. However, I had the correct weight on the bar and the Thrusters were RX depth throughout. I actually achieved such a score! It’s in the 85% percentile of such scores worldwide and has given me such a huge boost. I paced it all correctly, both movements, and just kept going. I felt the burpees were quite slow but actually, I didn’t break them up and sorted my breathing out too. It should also be noted that instead of my normal 0615 routine of no breakfast and just some protein, I had downed half a pint of PhD massiveness, eaten some nuts and was quaffing my way through a mug of superhero coffee during the back squats. There is also the “leader’s legs” that happens when you’re out in front of others.

Regardless, this was amazing. Personally, I attribute it to the compressions tights but who knows. The fact is that sometimes, just sometimes, I have it in me to pull such a performance out of the bag.


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