16 Dec 14 Tuesday – Rugby. Oh, how I have missed you!

For the first time in 3 years, I took to the park and played a full 80mins of rugby. It was Officers vs Seniors and we won 22-10. Although I haven’t played in so long, I found that my skillset had actually improved in some areas, especially in the offload. My position on the pitch was somewhat scattered, especially when we were down to 13 men for 12mins but I set up 2 of the 4 tries directly and contributed to a 3rd.

Fitness was not a problem at all for the 80mins but the left achilles was really smarting by half time and in the first 5 mins after half time I pulled my right hamstring. Bugger. It’s not serious but enough to make me sit up and take note; I’ll be looking at this very closely over the next few days.

I have REALLY missed playing rugby. I didn’t realise how much. Sure, I’m 35 and not as fast as I was but I was still one of the quickest on the park (amongst old men) and think I may just take to the park for the Unit a few more times if I can this season.


Let’s see how I feel tomorrow!


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