15 Dec 14 – Twelve Days of Outlaw

CF Plymouth for the 12 Days of Outlaw this morning.

I a slightly different format to what I am used to for the Christmas WODs, this worked up from 1 each time instead of down (as per the song). However, scaled and with a 30min Time Cap:

1 x C&J @ 80kg

2 x MU

3 x Box Jump @33″

4 x Hang Power Snatch @ 50kg

5 x Bar Facing Burpees

6 x Push Press @50kg

7 x Pistols

8 x Toes 2 Bar

9 x Wall Balls (9kg @ 10′)

10 x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

11 x Handstand Push Ups

12 x Front Squat

Exceeding my own expectations, I made it through 9 complete rounds and all the way back up to 9 Wall Balls again (remember that in this version, you start from the first day and work upwards each time). That’s a pretty good score all round and I’d have liked to have completed the lot but the 30min Cap precluded that. The Muscle Ups were what I was most proud of, smashing out 2 each time no problem. Sure, I wasted too much time and I could easily have got through the 10 x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups but that’s me all over, isn’t it? It was fun though and I am looking forward to rugby tomorrow (Tuesday) for the first time in three years.


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