09 Dec 14 – What a difference the time of day makes. Snatches, Pull Ups and a healthy MetCon

Get up at 6 in the morning and struggle to hit targets or stroll in at 7pm and destroy everything in front of you?

I headed to CF Plymouth for the 7pm session and a chance to query a good coach on technique. What a strong decison that was. I do enjoy the morning sessions but at least once every two weeks I need to get to an evening period. Throughout the warm up, I felt mobile, fluid and very strong. Lots of thoracic and hip mobility work, some monkey bar work (swings, one handed hangs, etc), Burgener Warm Up and squats. All great stuff.

Part A

15mins to a 3RM Hang Snatch.

Coach Ben gave me a few pointers after my first few at 40kg. My arms were too narrow and i wasn’t keeping it close enough to the body. Quickly rectifying these, I threw up 50kg, 55kg and 60kg with apparent ease and good form. I was surprising myself at this point and pushed up to 65kg. Immediate fail. Drop to 62.5kg and no problem at all. I completed 2 rounds of 3 with 62.5kg and am happy with that. My best ever dirty Power Snatch was 75 while my half decent Snatch 1RM was 70. I remember having to retreat at that point and redevelop my form. With much better form, I am now getting back up there. Cheers Ben!

Part B

4 x Max Effort Weighted Pull Ups (Strict)

Definitely something I need to work on so I was pleased this came up. Strapping on 8kg, I completed:

10 / 5 / 4 / 4

Strict Pull Ups have always been a relative strength, being a bootneck, but even so I have wanted to get my PR of 15 up for quite a while. Ben is keen that more strict Pull Ups are put in to the programming (being a former bootneck himself ) and I have to agree whole-heartedly. Too many people can only kip and can manage few , if any, strict. Given that we are all about Functional Fitness, you try kipping yourself over a 7 foot wall. Furthermore, kipping without the basic strength is a recipe for disaster in the shoulders.

Part C

10min AMRepAP

40 x Burpees
20 x Power Clean 40kg
30 x Burpees
20 x Power Clean 50kg
20 x Burpees
20 x Power Clean 60kg
10 x Burpees
Max Effort Power Cleans 70kg

I was very pleased with this endeavour, completing 130 reps in total. It would have been probably 135 as I had 30secs remaining but turned to find my weights had been pinched by the guy next to me! I have logged it as a ‘technical’ 132 on Beyond the Whiteboard. The burpees were the bit I was most pleased with here. The first first 40 were smashed out at record pace in about 2mins or so. That shocked me but I proceeded to get the first round of power cleans done unbroken. Of course, the 30 burpees slowed me down but I paced them well and took a breather while adding more weight for the 50kg round. Breaking that in to 10, 5, 5, I was quite happy with that pace although should have stretched myself and done 2 x 10s instead. The 20 Burpees were done at speed as I watched the clock and desperately wanted to crack some of the 60kg work. I was very upset to find my weights missing but know what should have been.

All in all, a great evening’s work. It shows what a difference the time of day makes. In the mornings i am understandably sluggish and tight. 5-7pm is optimum time for this kind of programme and it shows. I am pleased with the Hang Snatches and have some more confidence there. The MetCon was good and shows that my engine has improved this year, even if strength has plateaued. Still, there are a few more months yet to make inroads in to strength gain.


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