08 Dec 14 – Rise Like a Phoenix from the Ashes. Front Squats, Overhead Complex and Jackie

More than anything else, I have been upset with my attitude towards exercise and CrossFit recently. Sure, I’ve not progressed as much as I would like but it’s not all about that. I pay for the privilege of attending CrossFit sessions to do spend time doing something that I want to do and want to enjoy. I can workout in the gym here and be miserable but I have a responsibility to be happy and constructive when around other people. Further, I am a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and should set a better example.

With that in mind, I launched myself out of bed this morning, downed some protein and a handful of nuts and headed to CF Plymouth full of zest and zeal. Much of this was entirely forced given that it was bloody freezing cold but sometimes you just have to “fake it til you make it!”. I had hoped for some coffee too but forgot to take a £1 coin. Nevermind.

After a little mobility and a lot of warm up, it was in to:

6 Rounds:

1 x Push Press

1 x Push Jerk

1 x Split Jerk.

65 / 65 / 70 / 70 / 80 / 82.5kg

I perhaps started a little too light but I know for next time. I am happy with the final weight there though. All form and control were good. Sure, I might have eeked out 85kg but I was Power Cleaning the bar in to position each time to start.

Next up:

4 x 4 Front Squat

75 / 80 / 90 / 95

This is exactly where I should be for a 4RM. The charts tell me that for a 4-5RM of 95kg, I should be aiming at a 115kg 1RM which is exactly what my 1RM is. While nothing else seemed to progress this year, the Front Squat is the one thing that actually has.

To finish:


For Time:

Row 1000m

50 x Thrusters (20kg Barbell)

30 x Pull Ups

Time: 8:15 RX

This was a 5-second reduction on my best but I want to caveat a few things here regarding my scores. Firstly, I am doing these at 0615 with very little food inside me, having woken up at 0545. Secondly, it’s BLOODY COLD! Thirdly, the MetCons are being conducted after heavy weight sessions where I am always pushing for a high score. In the specific case of Jackie (or anything with Pull Ups in), I have to jump 6 inches each time to the bar and believe me, that doesn’t help things and definitely slows me down. The Row was pretty solid, equalling my previous 1000m best of 3:28. This is good to see as I was messing about with the settings during the row itself and wasted a good few seconds there. The thrusters were broken in to 20s and 15s. I really should have pushed myself harder through this portion but the Row does funny things to the legs. As for the Pull Ups, these were not great and for some reason I went back in to regular kipping mode instead of butterflies. I could have saved a lot of time with the latter. Still, 5 secs slower than my best is not too bad.

Since uploading my scores, beating Beyondthewhiteboard.com to the punch with its weekly updates, I have moved back up from 66th Percentile to 68. I suspect that by entering some new scores for Sprint work such as 250m and 500m Row I will climb another place or two as well. BTWB.com does break down the requirements very well, even telling you what your next benchmarks should be in each movement and gives tips on how to get there. I should use that more but Defence IT machines are not capable of rendering even the most basic webpages.

A good start to the week. Depending on travel, I may make it to CFP once more this week but if not then I’ll be on the road and looking for random boxes to stop in.


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