05 Dec 14-Tues in Work and Fri in CF Plymouth. End the Week, look forward to a new one.

02 Dec 14 Catch Up

5 x 1 Hang Clean & Jerk

80 / 85 / 85 / 90 (HPC) / 90 (HPC)

I bloody well Hang Power Cleaned 90kg!! 2 weeks ago I was Hang Cleaning 90kg but this time it was a Hang Power Clean. Therefore, I am generating enough power to drive the bar up even higher…..but still am failing to get in to a position at the bottom to receive it at full depth. Still, that’s a little progression in some ways and something to give me confidence going forward.

Max Effort Double Unders in 2mins.

Total: 139

My left Achilles had a bit to say in this one and I won’t be disheartened. Breaking it after 80 was good going and I just did what I could until the time was up.

8min AMRAP

8 x C2B Pull Ups

12 x Front Rack Step Ups (24”, 42.5kg)

24 x Push Press (42.5kg)

Total: 2rnds + 2 x Push Press

Vom. All Step Ups unbroken. Push Presses were broken in to 12s for the second round; that voice in my head was back again telling me to just keep pressing on and not to stop for a breath. It helped that I was surrounded by people from other services (different location for this one). Pull Ups were unbroken for first 2 rounds but broken in to 5 + 3 for the final one.

05 Dec 14 – Finishing the week in CrossFit Plymouth

I am going to have to make more of the free coffee at CrossFit Plymouth if I am to keep doing the 0615 classes!! There was nothing in the tank this morning and I had to really motivate myself to get moving.

4 x 6 Back Squat @ 75% 1RM

100 / 100 / 100 / 100

I know my new ‘official’ 1RM is 130kg but I wasn’t going to live with that so did this (97.5kg) and so bumped it to a round 100kg. It was a real struggle in the end but I got through it through will and determination.

4 x 3 Strict Press

65 /70 / 72.5 / 72.5 (x2)

I wanted to push myself hard on this and not languish at a weight I know I can do. I bumped up to 72.5 and managed a set of 3 but couldn’t manage a final set of 3. I am pleased that I failed here; it’s the only way to force growth. I very quickly clean & jerked the 72.5kg just to finish.

10 RFT:

3 x Power Snatch (50kg)

10 x Wall Balls (9kg, 10’)

Time: 13:14

The L3 (Rx) weight for this was 60kg but I am still a way from that. The CF Open is going to present a few problems when it throws up the usual 62.5kg (135lb) Snatch elements. All Wall Balls unbroken but the Power Snatches were in singles after the 2nd round. There was no time to rest though and I really did push myself as hard as I thought I could.

So, that’s me all caught up. The week is finished and despite constantly eating puddings and desserts recently, and getting crappy broken sleep, I am looking forward to next week and some more training. I am away a lot next week and will just have to see what is available as I travel.

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