02 Dec 14 – Post Athlete Games Regrouping

So…. .

It has been pretty obvious that I’ve not been happy with the way my journey has progressed this year. I’ve shown little tangible strength development and that is a real weakness in its own right. True, there have been some improvements, especially in gymnastic/bodyweight WODs but raw strength is holding me back.

So how do I move on? “Sullenly and with reluctance” is the initial answer. There’s no moving back to other methods of fitness because I really do believe in the GPP model. The problem is my implementation of it. Not having that mindset to “red line” when it’s called for is limiting and must be overcome.

It’s not all “me” though. In order to increase your strength on lifts, you have to have the confidence to drop the weight or lift a little ‘dirty’ sometimes. Having spent so long on Keelhaul and the base gym, environments where you cannot drop weights, bad habits have been formed.

Where do I stand now then? Well, Beyondthewhiteboard.com has me still hovering between 66 and 67, the same as in Mar this year. I am not going to hit my target of 75. I’m not being negative, it is just no longer an achievable objective and I have to be realistic. I have plateaued and while I can progress, it might just take more than I’m able to give at this time.

I will still take part in CF Open 15 but no longer have a specific goal. I feel like a failure but also have to consider some limitations this year that are beyond my control. I still very much enjoy CrossFit and enjoy CF Plymouth, so that will continue, but there is no pressure now.

More to follow on how I did at The Athlete Games 14.


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