25 Nov 14 – 1RM Snatch / C&J and Cindy. Seriously?!

Test week at CF Plymouth goes on although I had to do today’s in the base gym.

No improvement of any note across 3 domains; scores remain broadly the same as 2 years ago and I’ve really lost heart in this now. Considering the effort I’ve put in to other people and the effort I believed I was putting in to myself, I really thought I would have achieved some improvement by now.

But I haven’t.

15mins to a 1RM Snatch

5 x 40 / 3 x 50 / 1 x 60 / 1 x 60 / 1 x 65 (Power) / 1 x 65 (Power)

15mins to a 1RM Clean & Jerk

60 / 70 / 80 / 85 / 90 (Power) / 90 (Power) / 90 (Clean)


20min AMRAP

5 x Pull Ups

10 x Push Ups

15 x Squats

Total: 20 + 5 + 4 (Previous best was 19 + 5 – in Jun 12)

So in 3 years, since starting at CrossFit Leatherneck in Afghanistan, I have improved my Clean and Jerk by 5kg. My Snatch PR was 70kg but I’ve not been able to get close to that for almost a year. Although this is a PR for Cindy, it is less than 1 round improvement in over 2 years.

The shape I was in coming off ship has all but gone now too. I guess much of what I was seeing was due to the excessive heat in the gym there and the resulting significant water loss.

Of course I will keep doing this; I have nothing else and I have to remain fit. I will keep working to improve at all levels but I feel utterly demoralised by these scores. My Beyond the Whiteboard Score now sits at 66 with “High Confidence”. Ace.


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