24 Nov 14 – New week, poor showing.


It is test week at CF Plymouth.

Perhaps the best way to prepare was not to still be awake at 0130 this morning for no reason whatsoever. Heart racing despite no caffeine, my mind wouldn’t shutdown at all and I woke at 0545 shattered and feeling less than ready to tackle 1RMs and repeats of Benchmark WODs. Grabbing a handful of nuts and some milk, I sped off to the box in the dimlight of the frozen morning.

Part A
15mins to a 1RM Back Squat


Utterly disappointed and upset at this. I had a good warm up but failed twice at 140 despite my 1RM being 150 only 2 months ago.

Part B
3 Rounds of Max Reps PullUps (strict), 1min Rest

15, 9, 5

Another disappointment. Max before was 18.

Part C


7min AMRAP
3 x Toes to Bar, 3 x Clean & Jerk (60kg)
6 x TTB, 6 x C&J
9 x TTB, 9 X C&J
12 X TTB, 8 X C&J

Total: 56 (down from 63)

A triumverate of total disappointment today. It’s like 2 steps forwards and 2 steps back constantly with this. My Beyond The Whiteboard score is back to 67 and hasn’t shifted since I began this endeavour. Even without putting effort in, I should have improved. I workout 4+ times per week, mostly 5, yet have made no genuinely significant gains. I have followed one of the most highly regarded CrossFit programmes out there and still languish behind the developments of those around me.

This is tough. I try really bloody hard but am not seeing the gains. Reporting my scores today on BTWB.com, I came across a comment I wrote back in early 13 which read, “by this time next year I’ll easily be Cleaning 100kg” after what was a poor showing of 63 Reps. This time I scored 7 reps less. Even accounting for being tired, I should have beaten that. Where is my consistency? Some days I make moderate improvements, on other days I just fall right back again. I know “not every day is a PR day” but where is my progression on the scale?

I’ll obviously keep plugging away but my goal isn’t going to be possible, I accept that. It’s a failure and now I just have to see what I can manage before Open 15.1.


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