21 Nov 14 – End the week at CFP


An excellent end to the week tonight at CF Plymouth.  The 5.30 session always draws a large turnout which leads to strong competition and the added extra oomph.

5 x 3 Back Squats


Pleased overall although no records set. I couldn’t find previous scores in my book and perhaps should have pushed for at least 120.

5 x 3 Push Press

65 / 70 / 70 / 70 / 75

Happy with these scores too. Strict presses are coming along very nicely. Last year I somehow managed 85kg and I remember it as part of a CrossFit Total, I think. I’ll start push multiples at 80kg next week.

And on to the MetCon. This was an interesting one.

21-15-9 For Time:

Wall Balls
5 x Power Snatch 55kg

Time: 7.24

Wall Balls and Burpees unbroken although Burpees were very slow and embarrassingly paced.

The Power Snatches were tough. First 5 unbroken but the remainder were in 2s and 1s. Since adding the ‘scoop’ in to the lifts, I’ve really been able to feel posterior chain engagement and get under the bar quicker. I remember being told on my Oly trainer course that one day it would just ‘click’ and this has been one of those moments.

It was a good WOD to end the week and I hung around to watch our Masters hopefuls go through the Athlete Games WODs. I still haven’t done them yet and may have to conduct a video submission if I can’t find a judge.


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