19 Nov 14 – 3 Rounds For Time, Back Squats, BB Step Ups, Toes 2 Bar, Push Press .



Cheeky back squats today. I appreciate the requirement and necessity for pausing down there sometimes but “holy hell” it can suck it out of you. The weight was supposed to be 80% of 3RM, I think but I could find no record of that so worked out that 90kg was about right. It certainly tested me. However, I am enjoying seeing my numbers go up on Squats; they are critical to all development in CrossFit.

The MetCon was a beast and I loved it.

Step Ups to a 16″ box with a 42.5kg Barbell (Front Rack) was different. I don’t think I’ve ever done those in 3 years of CrossFit. I certainly felt it in the calves and thighs thereafter. The Toes to Bar were a shock for me. Usually these are a given and I fly through them. However, this time I really struggled. First round unbroken but after that it was all in 5s. The Push Presses are also a strength usually but the combination of having it in the front rack, then hanging from a bar really challenged me. Unbroken in the first round, split in half for rounds 2 and 3 with only a minor pause.

I really enjoyed this one, especially the transition between push presses moving straight in to the step ups without putting the bar down; I think this is a developing area mentally for me.



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