16 Nov 14 – Iron Duke and the Open 14.5 Reshow

I’m on the road again this week and so I headed over to CrossFit Iron Duke again to use their excellent facilities. My focus was always going to be on improving my cleans. Specifically, I have identified that there is no “scoop” as I rise above the knee which results in the bar being further away from the body than it would be in the Hang Cleans. So, while Toby and Kerry coached intros and main WOD, I scuttled off to the corner to train the Clean. Sure enough, I was right. By incorporating a minor scoop, keep the bar close, I was able to comfortably and ‘cleanly’ Clean a few reps at 90, something I was erstwhile struggling with.

Perhaps I should have been happy and left it there.

Not so.

Open WOD 14.5 has always bugged me. It was my poorest showing in this year’s Open and although it was partially down to lack of sleep and sickness, it was still a bad score at 22.53. As a reminder, the WOD is:


Thrusters 95lb / 42.5kg
Bar Facing Burpees

So after doing the Cleans, I reset the bar and went for it.

First round completely unbroken.
For the rest it was a slog. Burpees unbroken throughout but paced and laboured. Thrusters broken in to thirds for second and third rounds. Fourth round was broken in half while remainder unbroken. Looking at the clock towards the end, a very small smile crept on to my face and I sped up.

19.56 RX !!!

Almost a 3min PR!

Ok, I’m still not shaking the earth but I am very happy with that. Very.


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