12 Nov 14 – Sprints and Squats (evil) and the Changes to the CrossFit Open (aka Goddamn you, Castro!!)

First off, “Dave Castro You Git!!”. Just at the wrong moment, you have changed the format of the CrossFit Open (and I support the changes) and now I am unable to achieve my Goal!!

My goal for Training Year 14/15 – to achieve a top 25% finish in CrossFit Open 2015.

This is a SMART objective. It is Specific. It is Measurable. It is Achievable (arguable). It is Relevant. It is Time-Bound.

The change to the CF Open format, specifically, is the inclusion of a Scaled Division. Because of this, I would expect a large majority of the entrants to enter the Scaled Division rather than RX. Therefore, because I shall be entering RX, I am unable to simply compare against the CrossFit population; consequently, I expect to now to fall in to the bottom 50% of those taking on the RX division because mainly only those confident of a decent showing will take part. My goal is now no longer Measurable.

For anyone reading this, I seek advice. If I ‘assume’ that everyone taking part in the Scaled Division is of a lesser ability than those taking part in the RX Division then it becomes an easy task but this will not be the case. There will be plenty of capable people taking part in the Scaled Division instead of RX for a variety of reasons. They may not have the confidence or understanding of the WODs to take part in the RX Div. They may simply wish to have fun and rack up a good score. They may take part because others in their box are and they want to be part of the crowd. Therefore, this assumption is not valid.

My fallback option is to try to get on to the 75th Percentile on BeyondTheWhiteboard.com; during CF Open 14 I achieved a position on the 67th percentile overall. BTWB.com reflected this quite accurately and I’ve been using it since to chart my progress. Perhaps I have to conduct various BTWB.com benchmark WODs during the Open (although I’m sure some of them will be included anyway) and see where my score racks up. I’m on 70th Percentile at the moment. Is another 5% too much to hope for before then?

Any other ideas welcome.

I also managed to watch the CrossFit Invitational; well done to Team USA (first) and well done to Team Europe (third) although the gulf in class was clear. I wonder when we will start to see more Brits hitting the top echelons of this sport, aside from Sam Briggs. Without meaning to sound disrespectful (because I am a big fan), Sam was looking pretty ‘lumbering’ during that and not quite herself; that was too bad as the team largely relied on her and Annie Thorisdottir to keep the hope alive.

So on to today and the AM session at CrossFit Plymouth.

It was horrendous and bloody great!!


4 x Overhead Squats (OHS)

30, 40, 45, 50kg

RX (L3) would have been with a narrow grip but I have enough trouble with a true Snatch stance right now and so worked on that.


10 Rounds of:

200m Sprint

Air Squats (Max Effort) – Time cap for Sprint and Squats of 1min.

45sec Rest

Total Squats: 14, 14, 12, 15, 14, 11, 13, 14, 12, 15 = 134

Holy Hell, this was honking. With 3 other people in the class in a relatively ‘egalitarian’ WOD, I knew I was going to have to really push myself. My aim after the first 2 rounds was to then keep the score above 10. This proved almost impossible on the third round when the coach got the timings wrong but we recovered quickly. Round 6 was close to the wire with just 11 but then I picked up the pace again to finish on a high. I was wearing my Inov-8s which was better than my Merrells but I am suffering with the left Achilles now. My left knee is sore too and I suspect the two are related so a bit of holistic recovery is required.

4 days off now due to work but I think I need it. I aim to be back in the garage on Sunday but if not then I’ll be at CrossFit Keelhaul on Monday night for an Oly Lifting Coaching session.


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