09 Nov 14 – Snatch and a Triplet


I know that language is everything and that I must be positive but I am VERY disappointed in this one. This is out of the norm and I know I have better lifts inside me. I struggled to get low in the same way as during heavy Cleans. I need a confidence session in CF Plymouth or a good competition workout during Athlete Games. This was followed up by a 1×5 Touch’n’go 50kg for skill and confidence.

The MetCon was fun!! All Front Squats and Burpees were unbroken although painful. The Handstand Push Ups were unbroken in the first but broken in to 10/5 in the second and 6/3 in the third. About 10 seconds was wasted overall in wiping hands after doing HSPU in the mud but that was it by and large. I am pleased with the ability to keep going in burpees and general ‘engine capacity’. This is perhaps the biggest change this year and I am excited to see if it bears fruit next year.

Still work to do, especially in olympic lifts, but on the up.

Oh, Beyond The Whiteboard thinks I am now on the 70th Percentile but with only a medium degree of confidence as I have not done many of its benchmark WODs. Perhaps a week or two of testing would help build confidence? Do I dare?


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