05 Nov 14 – Clean work and a Tidy Finisher

I had the opportunity to stop at CrossFit Iron Duke today, my home away from home in the Portsmouth area. Using an Open Session, I was able to focus on the first pull to top of the knees and then pull to full stand.

3 x 5 @ 60, 70, 80kg

Very slowly, focusing on true form, I need more of this. From this I then went in to:

Clean & Jerks

5×1 @ 60kg
5×1 @ 70kg
3×1 @ 80kg

I then attempted 85kg and while I jerked it no problem, I just couldn’t get myself under the bloody bar. Each one of 5 ended up being a Power Clean. Still, I couldn’t expect 1 session to iron it all out. More work required. Tomorrow night I am in CrossFit Keelhaul running a lifting session so plenty of opportunity to practice.

For a finisher I then quickly sped through:

21-15-9  For Time:

Goblet Squats @ 24kg
Push Press @ 42.5kg

Time: 3.15.

Gassed but completely unbroken.


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