02 Nov 14 – Hang Clean PR, Mental Hang Ups and Running with Weight

Can someone please tell me why I can pretty easily Hang Clean 90kg but can’t Clean 100kg?!

I started this CF journey in CrossFit Leatherneck, Afghanistan in Oct 2011. With bad form, I was able to Power Clean 185# / 85kg. I’ve fought hard to sort my form out but the strength has never really improved that much. A year or so ago, I managed 95kg in CrossFit Keelhaul and thought that things were starting to pick up. A year later and today’s WOD was 5 x 1 High Hang Clean & Jerk, with 2 mins break between reps. Starting at 70kg, I quickly moved up to 75, 80 and 85. Each time, I stood with the bar to the hang, dropped 2-3 inches and then powered the hips up, pulling myself swiftly under bar. It was easy each time! I was nervous loading up 90kg but I repeated the feat. So shocked was I at the relative ease that I did it again just to make sure! The jerks were simple and I’ve always known that if I can clean it, I can jerk it. These were all High Hang Cleans, remember.

So after that, I was feeling super confident that I would finally get my 100kg Clean & Jerk.

Fully raring to smash it, I brought the bar up, getting it well above the hips…….and stopped. As soon as that happened, I knew it was over. Still, I reset and went for it again. Getting the bar even higher this time, I still couldn’t bring myself under that bloody bar!!

It is clearly psychological and I have to get time in a gym where I can drop the bar safely in order to really push myself. I need to work with boxes and develop the confidence to get under a heavy bar swiftly. Once I crack it, I will move on well, I know it. 100kg……….f@#k you!!


For Time:

10 x Handstand Push Ups
30 x Kettlebell Swing 24kg DB
40 x Left Arm Overhead Lunges 24kg DB
400m Run 10kg Weight vest
40 x Right Arm Overhead Lunges
30 x Kettlebell Swing
10 x Handstand Push Ups

Time: 10.35

I actually enjoyed pushing myself through this one. It’s a “typical” CrossFit WOD for me and a good challenge.
All HSPU were unbroken throughout. The KB Swings were unbroken in first wave but split 20/10 in the second. Both waves of Overhead Lunges were split 20/10/10.

This one surprised me in that I was able to do it RX. Typically, I scale the KBs to 20kg but decided to just give it some welly today. It paid off.
The 400m Weighted Run was probably no slower than the 400ms of 2 days ago but my legs were fried by the time I came back to the OH Lunges. Ideal.
I wasted time with the vest, perhaps 5 secs or so, but think that I pushed myself hard for the rest of it.


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