01 Nov 14 – Kick Up The Arse

After 6 weeks of intense work and genuine improvement, I acknowledge that I’ve fallen off the wagon during these last 2 weeks. Although some of it is illness-induced, there is no real excuse for the drop off in nutritional awareness and care. Chips, crisps, rice, spaghetti, haribo, too much alcohol and even white bread have all been eaten in abundance. Given the significant improvement that was noticeable on getting off the ship, it’s equally as noticeable the damage that has been done since. Bloating, intestinal tremors, severe lethargy and headaches were all onset before then getting whatever virus I’ve had for the last 3-4 days.

The illness has now gone and I’ve signed up for The Athlete Games (formerly The Battle Of London) as a precursor to CrossFit Open 15. I have 5 days away with work to get back on the wagon. Visits to CrossFit Plymouth, CrossFit Iron Duke and CrossFit Keelhaul are all on the cards in the next 6 days. This will significantly enhance my training and bring me back online. I’ll be running an Oly Lifting Coaching session at CF Keelhaul too.

Kick up the arse time. 5 months to CrossFit Open 15 and I have significant gains to make in strength, power and with the engine. It’s coming along but there is work to be done.

Let’s go.


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