31.10.14 – Halloween and Stupid Idiots


It’s Halloween and I am the stupid idiot.
Had a student arrived still suffering the symptoms of food poisoning, I would have sent them home. Yet after taking 2 days off since the RM350 WOD, I decided to plunge back in to it at full throttle even though I’m very obviously still ill.

Following the Outlaw CF WOD, I completed the first round and then proceeded to empty my guts outside the garage. Great. Did I then stop?

Did I hell. I told you, I’m an idiot.

I reset the clock, waited 30secs and started again.


4 RFT:

400M Run
2 x Strict Press (42.5kg)
4 x Push Press
6 x Push Jerk

Time: 10.45 RX

So. I puked before the WOD, did a complete round extra and then puked after. I am not getting worked up over such a poor time. The Runs were slow and laboured, my legs felt like lead. All overhead work done unbroken though.

With luck, I’ll be better tomorrow.


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