28 Oct 14 – Royal Marines 350th Birthday WOD

After yesterday’s RX+ Filthy Fifty, I was always nervous of today’s Royal Marines 350th Birthday WOD. With good reason. This was an epic and typically ‘Royal’.

Before I get in to it, I should mention that I spent last night vomiting and much of today struggling to keep my stomach inside itself. Random 24hr bug, over-feeding with fish’n’chips or food poisoning, who knows. The fact is that I slept badly and feel like toasted crap. But. But. I still achieved a respectable score and I am very pleased with the outcome.


35min AMRAP

1 x Rope Climb (15″)
6 x Pull Ups
6 x Front Squats (60kg)
4 x Shoulder to Overhead (60kg)

Rounds: 14 + 8 RX

The best score of the day was 22, the accepted ‘Very Good’ was 14. Had I not been ill, this would have been at least 15.5 rounds but I am still happy.

I paced this quite well. All movements unbroken although perhaps I rested too much in between; it’s easy to say now though. The Rope Climbs were the definite strength here and were pratically a rest period.

A great way to celebrate the birthday, coupled with half a glass of port at the end. Thanks, CrossFit Plymouth, top box.


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