27 Oct 14 – Filthy Fifty Rx+

0615 class in CrossFit Plymouth today. Quite a big turnout with 6 of us battling it out.

Beginning with a 10min EOM Snatch Complex of Full Snatch, Hang Snatch and Hi-Hang Snatch.
I completed this with 40, 45, 50, 50, 50kg. With more of a warm up, this would have been 50kg throughout but we were press for time due to the main WOD.
I am pleased with Snatch technique development but I am still not confident of weight and need a long session to really get in to it. My 1RM is 75kg but I honestly dont know where that sits now.

The main WOD, which looks somehow familiar, was:

For Time: 

50 x

Box jumps 24″
Pull ups
Kettlebell swings 24kg
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push press 30kg
Sit ups
Wall balls 9kg to 10′
Double unders

Time: 30:51

On the face of it, this was Filthy Fifty. However, Full Pull Ups (not jumping), 24kg KB Swing vice 16kg, 30kg Push Press vice 20kg and Sit Ups instead of Back Extensions. This is a definite Rx+ WOD. It’s a pity it was simply RX as I could have compared to previous FF scores but to only be 2 mins slower than RX with harder movements and more weight is encouraging. Perhaps I paced it a little too much but it’s always easy to say that at the end, forgetting that pain mid-WOD. The Pull Ups slowed me down, as expected, as did the Knees to Elbows. Everything else was broken in to 20s and 10s, maintaining great rhythm throughout.


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