Sat 26 Oct 14 – Garage Snatches and Box Jumps


Although I warmed up well, I failed to stretch off adequately and failed to get the Transition Skills done before diving in to multiple Power Snatches. A better start would have undoubtedly resulted in a better time but then perhaps the bottle of red last night wasnt such a great nutritional addition either!

Rather fortuitously, I discovered that my metal packing crate is exactly 24″ high and the garage roof is high enough to allow box jumps and jump overs.

This has been an odd week for training and nutrition but I’m determined to get back on track even though I have a week off at home. I made such massive strides while aboard ship and I really don’t want to slip back. The Open is round the corner and I’m starting to feel the first dawn of confidence about my goal.


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