Fri 24 Oct 14 – More Squats, Some Toes To Bar, Some Cleans and Some Cheating

I’ll come on to the cheating at the end.

Another early morning WOD today, getting in to the box for 0610. If I can avoid it, I don’t want to be doing too many of these early morning ones, especially as the nights are always later than intended.

Luckily, there was no running today and my calves could take a bit of a rest. They are better but I didn’t want to hammer them again. It strikes me that I should use this opportunity to do some more ‘barefoot running’ soon though.


5 x 3 Front Squat

85 / 85 / 85 / 85 / 85

I will have to edit this and put the scores in later as I have forgotten – I think it was 85 but it might have been 90.

5 x 3 Push Press

60 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85

I was pleased with the Front Squats and the Push Press. Strong throughout, with good form and function.


7min AMRAP

3 x Power Clean @ 70kg

6 x Toes To Bar

Total: 8 RX

I was VERY pleased with my efforts in this WOD. I thought I would struggle with the Power Cleans but all were unbroken in the first 6 rounds. I only dropped the bar in the last 2 rounds and even then it was drop, collect, drop, collect with no pause. Toes to Bar unbroken throughout.

Given that, I was pretty happy with the 8 rounds but either I miscounted (and I was ticking off each round as I went through) or one of the people in the box this morning, who shall remain nameless for now, cheated. Despite flying past (and lapping) said individual, a score went up that I fundamentally disagreed with. However, I had to bite my tongue and say nothing, especially as they hold higher CF qualifications than I do.

If someone told me that in another situation, I would say, “they are only cheating themselves”. But, you know what? That’s crap. They are cheating me and cheating everyone else in that box. I busted a gut working this morning and was really pleased with the effort. Other people, who look up to this person through their qualifications, will feel cheated but have also had a really bad example set for them. Suddenly, it starts to become acceptable to record the odd “misscore” and something I hold really sacred in the box starts to get unpicked. As I say, I bit my tongue on this occasion although I did gently “nudge” it with a, “wow, that’s REALLY impressive. I was sure I was well ahead of you but fair play, I must have got it wrong.”. Next time, I won’t but so nice about it, especially in front of newcomers who look to those with experience for the example.


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