20 Oct 14 – Snatches and Running in Barefoot Shoes

Up at 0545, in the car for 0600 and in the box for 0615. Slick.

It wasn’t until I arrived, saw the WOD and realised I had brought the wrong shoes with me. Not so Slick.

Instead of running shoes for a largely running-WOD, I had my orange Merrell Barefoot shoes and no, I’m not accustomed to running more than about 400m in them. Imagine the pain then of running 4 x 800m! DOMS-tastic!

However, with the other two there early, we cracked on with the first aspect of the WOD:

10min EOM:

1 x Snatch

1 x Hang Snatch

3 x OHS

Weight: 45kg

I kept the weight intentionally lower in order to focus on form; my right shoulder is not externally rotating quick enough and there is a grinding going on that I need to rectify. Indeed, the heaviest I could have done this with would have been no more than 55kg anyway so it’s not as if I completely shirked the WOD.

Following this, and knowing before hand that it would take a while, was:

2 RFT:

800m Run

50 x Wall Balls (9kg @ 10’)

50 x Double Unders

800m Run

50 x Deadlifts (60kg)

Time: 29:40 RX

It was a shame that I had the wrong shoes as this slowed me down considerably, I feel. The runs became a bit of a rest as I wasn’t able to push myself. However, I plunged straight in to the Wall Balls with a 30, 10, 10 on both – slight breath to break only.

The Double Unders were all unbroken. The Deadlifts were split to 20, 10, 10, 10 with just enough time for 1 breath and a change of grip.

Overall, this was a pleasing WOD and I’m happy with my work rate at the moment.


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