16 Oct 14 – AM in CF Plymouth

I opted for the 0700 session today and was all alone for the group WOD. I think I will reschedule for Fridays, given that my requirement is to train with others. However, the barbell club is in at that time so I may well join in that, we shall see.

5 RFT:

10 x Toes to Bar
10 x Box Jump Overs (30″)
10 x Sit Ups
10 x Jumping Lunges

Time: 8.54 RX

Largely unbroken throughout, this was paced pretty correctly, I think. For the first 3 rounds I forgot that there is no need to fully extend on Box Jump Overs and wasted time standing up straight on the box. Still, I didn’t break at all except on the last two rounds of Toes To Bar. Even then, it was a single break just to reestablish grip. I enjoyed this WOD and felt strong throughout. It fell entirely in my wheelhouse and while it was tough, I didn’t feel that any one element overly challenged me. I probably should haved moved faster but I’m not sure where.


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