14 Oct 14 AM – Back in the base gym

It was a pretty good return to the base gym today after time away. One of the questions I’ve been asking myself is how much the heat and humidity of the ship has hampered my training; today, albeit briefly gave me some insight in to that.

5 x 2 Snatch – Pause for 3 secs at the Knee

After a warm up of: 40, 40, 40, 50, I then proceeded to perform:

5 x 55kg.

This is a significant improvement on 30 Sept where I failed at 50kg and struggled with 52.5kg.



Something is prohibiting me from getting low and in to the full depth. I think it is mental, based on minor physical weakness in the shoulders, but I am going to have to look at it. All of those numbers above were Power Snatches. Technically, therefore, it’s no improvement at all but when you consider that getting a bar higher for a Power Snatch requires more power than a Snatch, you can see that actually there is improvement in power but reduction in other areas. It is something to think about over the next week but I am happy with much better numbers now that I am ashore and am not feeling the rocking of the ship nor pint after pint of sweat pouring from me.

Following the Snatches, I then proceeded to do a half of a recent Outlaw CF WOD:


8 x Wall Ball (20lb, 10’)

ME Burpees

Total Burpees: 60

It should have been a 12min EMOM but I have seen tonight’s CF Plymouth WOD (45mins!) and decided to be a bit sensible about it.

More to follow.


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