12 Oct 14 – DB Snatchtastic




A simple, effective and tough set today. Without a squat rack, the Front Squats gave me the opportunity to practice some Power Cleans. I’m still loving workout out in the garage again, especially as my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can connect to the home wifi and I can therefore get my Spotify playlists!

4 x 5 Front Squat – heavy but not maximum

70, 75, 80, 70

10min AMRAP:

KB Snatch @ 20kg. Change arms after each 10 reps.

Total: 132


The Front Squats were pretty solid and to be doing a relatively comfortable 5 reps at 80kg is pleasing. Power Cleaning each time was good practice too.

I wanted a longer WOD today but ran out of time and so went to Outlaw CF’s WOD of 3 days ago. To be fair, it was pretty epic in itself. RX was 24kg but I dropped it to 20kg and was unbroken through 100. After that, I broke the sets in to 5s with only the briefest of breaths between them.

My first CF Plymouth WOD is on Tuesday at 1900hrs. I’ll take a rest day tomorrow after the last 3 days. I can’t wait to get amongst group WODs again where I am not coaching.


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