10 & 11 Oct – back in the garage


Home now. Thank you to HMS BULWARK for your safe passage these last 6 weeks. Finishing up in Bahrain, I was going to visit one of the three CF boxes there but all were a 15-30 min taxi ride away and we were all advised to travel in pairs. Noone else wanted to come with me. It was a shame but I welcomed the break.

After sweating my bodyweight every day in the bowels of the ship, the 11c temp in my garage is a very welcome relief.
Yesterday, I kept to the Power Clean & Push Jerks, working up to a 77.5kg unbroken 5RM. Yes, it should have been 80kg and with some aggression it would have been. Form was strong though and I was just enjoying being in a more amenable place.

Today, I slung up the rings and was quite excited to see the Outlaw CF WOD. Scaling from 62kg to 50kg was a careful balance between being able to smash out the Shoulder to Overheads but being very weak on the Overhead Squats.

The first 2 rounds were completely unbroken throughout but the Muscle Ups had to be broken from round 3 onwards. The S2Os and OHS remained unbroken but there were considerable balance issues in the OHS. Another goat to work on……to go with Pistols, Snatches and Cleans.

My first sessions in CrossFit Plymouth have now been booked in for this week and I am very much looking forward to working with others again.


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