Mon 06 Oct 14 – Preparing for Grace

With Barbells For Boobs coming up this month (donations to Breast Cancer Charities), the Outlaw CF programming has taken a notable turn to preparing for “Grace”. Clean & Jerks populate much of the programming and I have been left feeling a little ‘lost’ because of all the progression I have seemingly made, weights above the head haven’t really been part of that.


5 Rounds, on the 2 min (start at 0:00) mark

6 x Ground to Overhead (62.5kg)

6 x Bar Facing Burpees


Continue on the 2 min mark up to 20 mins

8 x Ground to Overhead

8 x Bar Facing Burpees

Total: 5 rounds Complete + 8 x Ground to Overhead

“Grace” has never been one of those that has intimidated me before. Sure, my times suck arse but it’s just one of those WODs where you pick the bar up and try to keep moving. Nothing complicated. However, being on ship, with the absolutely crippling heat and humidity has added another dimension to this; I simply don’t know how well/poorly I’ve done.

I had really intended to get through 6 rounds complete this morning and then see where I was at but even the third round started to put me on my arse. Hard to breathe, constantly wiping the pouring sweat away from the face, hands, barbell, floor……I guess the question is, “despite working as hard as I can, have the conditions been helping or hindering my development?”. I know from the mirror that I have lost 3-4% body fat and have still increased muscle mass. This is just one indicator though. My “Diane” score was a massive improvement although “Annie” remained largely the same. My snatches, cleans and jerks have not improved in weight but technique has, I think. To be fair, I’ve simply not been able to get the weight off the ground without my hands slipping from the bars. If anything keeps me from achieving my goal next year, it’s this. I will specify this to CrossFit Plymouth when I get there next week.

First off, however, I shall be visiting a CrossFit gym in the middle east tomorrow and it’ll be nice to simply get in to some air-con, meet some fellow CFers and get a new t-shirt!

This afternoon, depending on timings, I shall be back down in to the sweatbox for a 1RM C & J session. As long as I achieve 90kg today, I shall be content.


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