20141006-Last Session on The Ship

And so I entered the gym for the final time of this trip aiming to improve on my Clean & Jerks.

Well, that wasn’t to be although there was significant improvement in technique, hip extension and general drive. I managed to hit 90kg with some Power Cleans & Jerks but despite spending a lot of time at the beginning going through some High Hang Cleans, I still couldn’t force myself under that bar; more work to do.

Still, today’s workout, in its entirety, consisted of:

Warm Up

2 x (20 x 20kg Front Squat)

2 x (10 x 40kg Front Squat)

2 x (5 x 40kg High Hang Cleans)

2 x (5 x 60kg Hang Cleans)

Clean & Jerk

60kg Clean & Jerk




90 (Power)

90 (P)

90 (P)


80 (P)

85 (P)

Clean & Strict Press

5 x 1 @ 70kg

Power Clean & Jerk

5 x 1 @ 80kg

In anyone’s book, that’s a lot of iron lifted but I am still struggling to get a good, solid Clean at 90 and beyond. It’s a confidence thing; I can power clean it up there which demonstrates the strength and power to get it high enough; therefore I should be able to reduce that height and get underneath it in a front squat. Still, it’s something work on. I need to be doing this in a place where dropping the bar isn’t an issue. Keelhaul, Stonehouse and aboard here all prohibit the dropping of weights which means you never push yourself as hard as you need to.

I need to be doing heavy high-hang cleans in order to develop the speed and confidence to get under that bar. It feels like I’m taking a backward step again but I know this isn’t really true.

Anyway, after an hour in there I was actually pleased with the work done and feel that I have left the ship on a high note regarding the last 6 weeks. Tomorrow, I hope to visit a CF gym in the area and am looking forward to working out in an air-conditioned arena.

Hungry now. Finding Food.

[crossfit, keelhaul, Plymouth, ship, royal navy, front
squat, high hang, hang, clean, power clean, strict press]


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