Sa 04 Oct 14 AM – BodeeFit On the Flight Deck

12 Min AMRAP:

5 x Dips

10 x In & Outs

20’ Bear Crawl

Me: 14 rounds complete

Rose: 9 rounds complete

Hannah: 8 rounds + 5 In & Outs

In & Outs – Lay on your back. Lift legs 2” off the ground, fully extended. Draw knees up to chest / chin. Extend Legs 2” above ground. Repeat. Do not let legs touch the ground.

This was yesterday’s WOD and we are finding them very suitable to the Flight Deck. Sure, I have to get back down in to the bowels of the ship later on for other workouts but this is no less demanding at all. I really pushed myself on this, running between stations and keeping it all ticking over. A great way to start the day. The Bear Crawls are certainly getting easier as I am becoming more familiar with the movement; however the surface of the Flight Deck means that there might just be a little skin left out there.

An excellent performance from the girls this morning, I am very pleased to see the development in such a short space of time. Rose’s Squats have come on in huge bounds and she is almost ready to start playing with weights; it’s a shame I’ll be gone before that can happen as I would love to have seen just how strong she is (ed. Very!). Hannah is completely new to this kind of workout where full range of movement is required but after a skill session this morning, her squat has really come on too and will benefit her no end when it comes to her sport of rock climbing. Indeed, the bear crawls are great for developing in that area.

More to follow this afternoon.


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