03 Oct 14 – Rest Day…..kind of

So today is a rest day and so we spent 30 mins this morning just doing stretches and yoga movements. It was certainly needed and was lovely to perform out on the flight deck in the morning sun.

I had then intended to take it easy for the rest of the day.


There was a Tug O’ War Competition on and obviously I had to get involved!! I won’t go over the embarrassing scoreline but it was an intense blowout in itself and really got me fired up (we lost a few) so I headed down to the gym to work it off. The barbells were all being used with some of the worst deadlift and squat form I have ever seen (and no, I didn’t step in as military folk tend to hate being given pointers) so I went straight to today’s CF Outlaw WOD. Scaling from 24kg KB to a 20kg KB:

3 RFT:

20 x Single Arm KB Overhead Lunges (Left Arm)

20 x KB Swing

20 x Single Arm KB Overhead Lunges (Right Arm)

25 Lateral Jumps over KB.

Time: 10:53

I love those kind of WODs for the way they make me feel at the end. However, I took too much time and breath between the lunges and the KB swings, wasting time that I could have been working. Always I hear that voice in my head now, pushing me on; it used to be a voice trying to get me to stop but now it pushes me on and on. Clearly, something has changed and for the better.

With a 10min session of stretches, I left it there and headed out. I have spent the last few moments looking for a CF Box in our next destination. There are 3 to choose from and now I just need to find which one is closest to our port location but I can do that on arrival…..whenever that is.


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