02 Oct 14 AM – Bodeefit Session

Taking a change slightly, and because we’re trying to get outside more for morning PT, we have begun to follow some of the Bodeefit.com WODs. These are essentially CrossFit Programming WODs done almost entirely with bodyweight so that you can do them anywhere. While it doesn’t take in to account any barbell work, it is a fantastic programme and shows incredible results when done right.

Warm Up:

30/30 Squats

2 x (20/10) of:


Ground to Stand

Squat (Arms straight up)

Bear Crawl 10m


10 Min AMRAP

9 x Tuck Jumps

6 x Handstand Push Ups (Strict)

3 x Wall Walks


9 x Tuck Jumps

6 x Press Ups

3 x Pike Walks

John: 6 + 6 HSPU RX

Rose: 6 + 9 TJ (Scaled)

Hannah: 5 + 4 PU (Scaled)

Both Rose and Hannah worked well today. I think there is a misperception when reading the Bodeefit.com WODs that it’s going to be somehow easy…..right up until you demonstrate the movements and begin the workout. Relatively simple movements like Tuck Jumps suddenly become a swim through honey; getting your knees up seem the hardest thing in the world. Likewise, bending over and walking out on your hands to the prone position and then pushing back up again to a stand seems the hardest thing you can think of right then. Both achieved good scores though but must remember that for those 10 mins, while only at about 80% pace (compared to a Tabata or 21-15-9), you don’t stop. You won’t dehydrate in that time, don’t need to stop for water, and maximum intensity is required.

I enjoyed this one. Having not done Wall Walks for a while, and with a very slippery wall to walk up, this was a challenge. I know I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have done but looking back, I’m not sure I could have; my form was starting to go on the wall walks and the HSPU were broken in to 3s for the last 2 rounds. I also enjoyed 2 pints of Guinness last night but I’m not really sure that affected much 🙂

I’ve let nutrition go a bit too much recently will the odd bounty bar, duff after dinner and a few pints. To be fair, it’s not been to anywhere near the same extent as some on board but I’ve been trying very hard to hit a few goals and they are coming to fruition.


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