30 Sept 14 – Die, Diane! Die!!


21-15-9 For Time:

Deadlifts (100kg)

Handstand Push Ups (Strict)

Time: 5:14 RX

Previous Best (Apr 2013): 6:45 RX


That is what I am talking about. In an incredibly hot, extremely humid gym where everything is just dripping in honking wetness, I wasn’t even sure if I had the energy to do it today (more on the previous movements in a moment). However, I MTFU and went for it.

First round completely unbroken and I was surprised at that. Second round broken in to 8 plus 7 for both. Third round in to 6 plus 3 for both. I took my time, paced it due to slippery deck and basic safety and was very surprised with the final score on the stopwatch. I couldn’t remember my previous best off the top of my head and so have had to wait until I logged on to delve in to BeyondtheWhiteboard.com (with Internet Explorer 6 which doesn’t work) and find it. Sure enough, 18 months ago I was close to 7 mins and this time I was close to beating 5.

What an improvement!

Prior to this, I worked deadlifts for the first time in months and months; I focused on form, videoing the positioning with 100kg lifts. This was very pleasing indeed as I maintained strong neutral back position thoughout, in readiness for Diane.

The strength portion before Diane was 5 x 2 Snatch, pausing for 3 Secs above the Knee. This was much tougher than I’d anticipated but had the desired effect of forcing me to engage the full posterior chain to get that bar up. Starting with 40, I worked through 45, 50, 50 and then failed with 55 before dropping to 52.5kg and completing 2.

All in all, a very good day there and a proper motivational boost prior to getting to the next port stop and a visit to a local box.


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