Mon 29 Sept 14 – I forgot it was a rest day

Yes, I got up at 0600, got changed, strolled through the humidity to the gym and then remembered it was supposed to be a rest day. Arse.

However, the lights were on, there vehicle deck ramp was down and there was a modicum of airflow.

For Time:

5 x Hill Sprints (I don’t know the length or gradient of the ramp but it’s steep and quite long!)

25 x Pull Up (Strict, fingertips only, no way of gripping metal frame)

50 x Wall Ball (5kg ball – nothing heavier in the gym)

50 x Split Jump

150 x Double Under

Time: 14:23

I worked pretty hard during this one. The hill sprints were pretty evil although you have to walk back down the ramp for H&S reasons. Intensity was lost during the Pull Ups simply because it was a metal frame with no way of grasping it; my hands kept slipping off.

The Wall Balls were fine, breaking in to a 20, 15, 15. I had only a 5kg ball to play with but aimed for 11-12 feet instead of 10.

The Split Jumps were as evil as they always are and served to tire me out for the Double Unders. After the first 40, these were broken in to 20s, 15s and 10s with only the most brief of pauses.

Could I have worked harder? Yes, certainly but I’ve been over the conditions aboard here already and they are not much easier for now. I shall have to take it on risk that this week will be a low training value opportunity and will reassess once in the more temperate conditions of blighty.


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