Sunday 28 Sept 14 – Wet Start, Strong Finish

So, to try to keep the ship cool, the flight deck gets covered in water overnight with a view that the evaporation will reduce the temperature below deck. If it works then I would HATE to feel the full force of the temperature without that water. What it does mean is that the flight deck is warm, humid and soaking wet. Not ideal but you just get on with it, especially where burpees are concerned!

As I think will become the norm, we were out on the Flight Deck for a WOD this morning. Rose joined me as usual but because the Les Mills Body Pump (WTF?!) instructor didn’t turn up, I took his two as well.

5 RFT:

Flight Deck Run (Slow down the Side, Sprint across the Top, Slow down the Side)

50 x Air Squats / 20m Bear Crawl / 50 x Lunges / 20m Duck Walk / 50 x Burpees – each round is just one of these exercises, in order.

Time: 11:09RX

Buffy: 12:30 (25 x Burpee, work req’d on Squats, good effort!)

Rose: 14:40 (25 x Burpee but excellent form on everything)

Olly: 16:45 RX (work req’d on Squats for depth)

I didn’t feel at all well this morning; my stomach was churning around and I felt very dehydrated. This is no surprise given the ambient temperature right now and I need to drink more water.

This afternoon was an opportunity to work on Snatches:

15mins to a 1RM Snatch with perfect form.

Given the conditions in the gym, trying to fit in the requisite work to 15mins was never going to happen so I gave myself about half hour instead.

5×1 @ 40kg / 5×1 @ 50kg / 5×1 @ 60kg / 4×1 @ 65 (power) 1×1@65kg FAIL

I am disappointed by these numbers. My form might be significantly better now but to have dropped from a 70kg Snatch to this is upsetting. Still, I am putting some of it down to the conditions and fatigue. Because I was unsatisfied, I decided to then go back to basics and perform some Snatch Balance:

2×5 @ 20kg / 2×5 @ 40kg / 1×5 @ 45kg / 1×5 @50kg

Now this I was very happy with. The aim of the snatch balance is to develop shoulder strength and confidence under the bar. There is no ‘jerk’ element to it; you simply adopt the position with bar on traps, legs in landing stance and ‘fall’ under the bar, pushing yourself down as you extend your arms. I immediately identified that I have some work to do on the external rotation of both shoulders but they are in a good place for now, actually. More than anything, it really helped with the confidence and speed under the bar; I’ll be repeating these routinely while doing any barbell work.

I’ve emailed a CF Box at our next port stop and they’ve agreed to let me drop by for a WOD. More to follow on that one!!


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