Sat 27 Sept 14 – No intensity in the heat

That’s it. I think it’s fair to say that it is impossible to maintain any kind of meaningful intensity in the heat and humidity in the vehicle deck of this ship. The surface water temperature currently sits at a pleasant 32-34C which would be fantastic if I was sitting on a beach, drinking a Peroni. However, when trying to shift weight around a platform, it’s not nice at all. For a start, the floor is constantly wet and dangerous but the constant sweating makes everything that much worse; you can’t maintain a grip on any equipment (despite a tonne of chalk) and your heart begins to race the moment you set foot in there.

3 x 5 Power Clean & Push Jerk @ 65kg.

Despite chalk and the use of hook grip throughout, this was close to being dangerous. Once in to the rack position, the push jerks were not an issue but getting it there in the first place resulted in my hands slipping from the bar twice.

This afternoon’s MetCon:

15-12-9 For Time:

Power Clean & Push Jerk @ 45kg

Pull Ups

Time: on my phone in my room, I forgot to write in my notebook.

The Pull Ups were supposed to be Chest To Bar but despite the significant volume of material tape on the bar it was impossible to get a purchase as it was so wet. I kept slipping off and could get in to no rhythm at all. Instead, the C2B Pull Ups just became regular Pull Ups. The PC & PJs were hardly a spectacle either; too many breaks and my mind elsewhere meant I took far longer than I should have done. This is not being hard on myself either; I simple do not believe it is possible to maintain the kind of intensity required in that environment.

Sam, the POLAD, came down today and I took her through Power Cleans. She picked up the skill remarkably easily, restoring some of my faith in myself as a coach, and used that in the subsequent workout with a good result.

I am looking forward to our next port stop and getting in to a local CrossFit affiliate for some aircon’d WODs.

[crossfit, heat, humidity, power clean, push jerk, pull up,
red sea]


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