27 Sept 14 – Saturday morning on the flight deck

Before I get in to this morning’s antics (Flightdeck Annie), I’ll quickly cover yesterday afternoon’s WOD.

Row 500m

20 x Hang Clean w/ 28kg Kettlebell

Row 250m

10 x Hang Clean w/ 32kg Kettlebell

Row 500m

Time: 8:21

This was taken from an Outlaw CF WOD where the Hang Cleans should have been Hang Clean To Thruster with 40kg and then 50kg. As it was, the lights are still off down there, the floor is ridiculously slippery and the bars were taken up. I quickly grabbed Kettlebells and while this is in no way the same workout (especially without the thrusters), it was tough nonetheless. I know that I haven’t made anywhere near the development I had hoped with Muscular Endurance, especially in the Thruster realm. This is going to hurt when I return and start working through Benchmark WODs to see how my Beyond The Whiteboard scores tally up.

This morning was another joy although to be fair it was outside where the air is marginally less hot and there is a breeze. From the looks of things it had rained during the night but that certainly wasn’t on the forecast. Rose joined me again this morning for the first time in a while and we went through a number of basic skills that she can take away when I depart. We looked at some good hip extensor stretches, shoulder mobility and even went over the basics of box jumps.



Double Unders

Sit Ups

Time: 7:09 RX (I don’t know my recorded time for this)

Rose: 9:03 (40,30,20,10,5 – 2 x Single Skips)

With just one minor stumble during the 50 at #43, this was completely unbroken. I wasted time in the transitions and back in a normal gym this would be far smoother. However, I am pleased that almost 5 weeks with no double unders and I was able to blast straight through them.

Rose did very well, smashing out the sit ups with consistency. I think we scaled it well for her, given her final time and the amount of effort she was able to put in.


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