26 Sept 14 AM – 3RFT: Rowing, Squats, Push Presses

Despite it being a rest day yesterday, I was feeling twitchy and so headed back in to the sweat box at 2000hrs for some technique and some Front Squats. Immediately, I saw that the rings were free and found a sturdy pipe to hang them from. There is no way to get the correct height on them and still perform a muscle up but I found a happy medium and over the course of the 30mins managed over 50 Muscle Ups, mostly strict, many Skin the Cats and some 50 Ring Dips (strict and under control).

I also, for the first time ever, managed multiple Reverse Planches! Oh yes! Having watched a few gymnastics tutorials before I deployed, I was able to put them in to action and fully extend in the reverse. It’ll take more work, obviously, but I am exceptionally happy with that. It won’t win me any competitions but it demonstrates considerable core strength and control.

After that, in almost total darkness, I worked through:

3 x 5 Front Squats (3 sec pause) at 100% of the 8RM

Weight: 50kg

And so on to this morning. After an almost unbroken 8hrs sleep (I know, utter shock!!), I was up at 0600 once more and staggering down to the gym. Still bathed in lime green light, I worked through a warm up of:

20 secs Work, 10 secs Rest (x2)

Push Ups


Sit Ups


The WOD was then:

3 Rounds For Time:

Row 400m

30 x Squats

20 x Push Press (35kg)

Time: 10:41

Immediately on starting, I knew I’d made a mistake. 35kg was not heavy enough. On looking at the CrossFit.com WOD that this was taken from, it should have been 55kg and I had originally planned on doing 40kg. Something in my head this morning told me that even that was too much and I should reduce further to 35kg. Error. If anything, I should have only reduced to 45kg. However, it is what it is and I smashed through them all unbroken. The Rows were kept at 1:47 / 500m pace each time, the Squats unbroken but slow and the push presses unbroken. There was about 10 secs of wasted time between the rower and squats and then push presses to rower, so about 20 secs wasted each round but it couldn’t be helped. The gym is not exactly set out for CrossFit and you make do with what you have.


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