24 Sept 14 – Cycling Part 3 – Ouch, my arse!!!!

After round 2, I thought I was going to go down. The 40C heat and beating sun really took it out of me but I managed to down 3 pints of water in the space of an hour which brought me back to life; well, that and the monstrously huge lunch I ate too!! (I’ll be honest, potatoes and pasta have been involved). I tried to take a nap on my bed for an hour but sleeping under the flight deck is akin to being on the bottom shelf of an oven. I couldn’t stop sweating and eventually gave up trying to sleep; I may just push on through later although I will try for a bit of a rest.

1700 came around and I climbed back on to the bike, shorts full of Vaseline, tablet on the handle bars (this time with Limitless). The bruising in my buttocks just had to be ignored and I started to plod on. Before I knew it, my RPMs were up in the 110s and holding. I wasn’t sure they would stay there but after half an hour, it was still high. Some quick mental arithmetic and I realised I was on course to potentially better my earlier distance of 29.1km. Surely, there was no way I could keep up the pace. Still, I kept on. With 15mins to go I knew I could just beat my previous score.

With 10mins to go, I was closing in on 29.5km and thought, “sod this, 30km is getting it!!”. Smashed. 2mins remaining. Up the pace.

31km, yes!!

In one hour, the third of 4 rounds today, I managed to set a noteworthy 31km. Ok, yes, my backside feels like I’ve been hit by a truck and I’ve gone through a tub of Vaseline but I am very pleased with that score. With one round to go, I have completed 88.4km today. Even if someone beats me, I don’t believe I can better my score and so from 2300-2359, I shall be taking it relatively easy, perhaps with a 27-28km to finish.

It’s been a good challenge, despite it being on bikes, and I love this kind of thing. The ship had a rowing challenge going on at the same time where everyone was invited to step up and row 2km. Yeah, not really a ‘challenge’ to my mind. This has been a challenge, especially to the medium term ability to walk straight, if nothing else!


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