23 Sept 14 – Tough Phys Day. Very productive.

Starting at 0600, as normal, it was back down in to the sweltering bowels of this awesome vessel. A few people were in the there on the spinning bikes doing their thing; I always think that you should take a look at the instructor in order to assess the effectiveness of a fitness training system. More on spinning in future, I’m sure.

After a good Burgener Warm Up, a round of: 10 x Push Ups, Air Squats, Pull Ups, Lunges (per leg), Back Extensions, Sit Ups, Burpees, HSPU.

I then headed down to the bar to get set up for:

10min AMRAP

30 x Lateral Over Box Jumps (10”) – this was a sub for 30 x double unders but there is nowhere to swing a rope here and have access to a barbell.

15 x Power Snatch + 35kg

Total Rounds: 3 + 10 Snatch

I think I should have scaled this. Despite a good warm up, I was still quite tired and not ‘with it’. Maintaining good breathing throughout, I completed the first round completely unbroken but the next 3 rounds of Snatches had to be broken in to 8 + 7 each time with a short pause. I really did push myself, or so I felt at the time, but the heat down there is beginning to get crippling; it’s only going to get worse before I get off. However, no excuse, I worked as hard as I could. The technique was good throughout and I’m pleased that it’s all coming back to me after reading back through my training manuals. To finish the session, I repeated the warmup but with only 5 of each movement, slowly and carefully moving through them with a good stretch.

This afternoon was different. I have been reading a good deal of coaching stuff today after finding a truly fantastic resource on the Australian Sport website. At 1430, I headed back in to the oven for:

15mins to a 5 x 1 Hang Snatch (just above knee).

Results: 5 x 40, 5 x 45, 5 x 50, 5 x 55, 5 x 60 (Power), 5 x 55, 5 x 50 (Power).

I got tired quickly through this but believe I maintained form throughout. External shoulder rotation is much better than it ever was and I’m pleased to see development in my overall mobility and flexibility. The 60’s were not great. Despite trying to get low it just wasn’t happening. I could throw it up in to a Power Snatch but this time I just wasn’t getting low enough and so when the timer stopped I kept going with more at 55 and then at 50. I am pleased with this though; I’ve lost a lot of strength and coordination here and there’s more work to do but I feel safe and stable.

Following the Snatches, it was another 21-15-9 (oh, yesterday’s score was 4:41 for the Bodyweight Fran, I forgot to log it – not that anyone reads it!!).

For time:


Goblet Squats (24kg)

Toes To Bar

Time: 3:54

All Goblet Squats were unbroken, happily enough, as was the first round of the Toes To Bar. For rounds 2 and 3 the T2B were broken after half each time; grip smashed, nothing left in the shoulders.

As if that wasn’t enough, I decided on a little finisher to test my grip:

Kettlebell Hold for Time (24kg).

Right Hand: 1:30

Left Hand: 1:34

I was going to leave at that point before spotting a good place to hang some rings!! First time in 4 weeks that I’ve had the chance to do muscle ups and it’s still there. I was worried I’d have lost a trick here but I was straight back in, both strict and kipping, despite the very sweaty hands.

The furnace was too much for me then and so I headed up on to the foc’sle for a long round of stretching and yoga moves. A Great Phys Day!!


I have 4 x 1hr cycling slots in a 24hr cycling event going on here. Therefore, I’ll not be recording any CF training but will certainly record distance over those 4 hours.

See you then!!


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