22 Sept 14 PM – Clean & Jerk 1RM and Bodyweight Fran

After the amount of alcohol and food consumed this weekend, I think I’d forgive myself for having been off the pace a little. However, I think I’m back on the upward curve and was very happy with this afternoon’s results:

1RM Clean & Jerk

Total: 90kg

With sets of 60kg to warm up, I jumped in to lifts of 70, 2 x 80, 2 x 85 – these were full depth and pretty tidy all told.

However, 2 lifts at 90kg were Power Cleans. This upset me a lot as it demonstrated lack of confidence to get under that bar. I subsequently failed at 92.5kg. Lowering the weight back to 80kg, I did 6 good, solid full depth Cleans , 1 at 85kg and then a Power Clean at 90kg! Not to be dissuaded from completing my mission, I had a word with myself, walked up to the bar and smashed an excellent full depth 90kg Clean and then the Jerk too. So happy was I that I did it again, just to make sure. Ok, so it’s not my PR (95kg) but it’s a significant progression on recent lifts and demonstrates that I’m on an upward curve again.

Before the MetCon, I then followed this all up with Hang ‘Jumps’ with the bar. 1 x 5 @ 90kg, 2 x 5 @ 80kg, 2 x 5 @ 60kg. I have to work on power from the hips along with general anterior stability in order to stop my pelvis from swinging back putting pressure on my erector spinae.

The MetCon of choice was a Bodyweight Fran.

21-15-9 For Time:


Pull Ups

Time: 4:41 RX.

I can’t remember if this is a record for me, I think it is, and I am very happy to have completed it after exhausting myself with the lifts. The Burpees were entirely unbroken but the Pull Ups not so. The first round was broken in 2 at 15. The second was 8 + 7 while the third was 6 + 3. Genuinely, I am looking forward to getting back on a stable, static bar.


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