22 Sept 14 AM. Rhodes, Swimming, a Rest and BACK IN!

On 18 Sept we stepped ashore on to the utterly beautiful island of Rhodes. Grabbing an open-top, beaten up Suzuki 4×4, a few of us headed to the town of Lindos (St Paul’s Bay), found accommodation and bedded in for the next 3 days. Purely by chance, we happened upon the fantastic St Paul’s Bay (LindosBay), a mostly-enclosed lagoon about 300m long, 150-200m wide (I think but will check). Despite the quite horrendous amounts of alcohol consumed on the first night, the next day was one spent mostly in the sea for me. I had told myself that I would take a break from any exercise but the chance for some open-water swimming was one that I just couldn’t pass up.

After a quick lap out through a gap in some rocks to the open Mediterranean, rock a rock formation and back in, I felt a little stronger than I’d expected and so proceeded to push things a little further. 3 times on 19 Sept, I completed a ~800m open-water swim, all front-crawl, all unbroken; swimming from our beach to one across the bay, I would then about-turn, head for the gap in the rocks and out in to the Med before coming around a rock formation and back in to the start. The water was clear enough to see well without a mask although extremely saline and a little painful for a while. I followed this up with 3 laps on the 20th too.

Having not really swum at all in recent years, it was very pleasing for me to be able to get both technique and breathing so spot on and for such a duration. All in all, a lap would take about 15-20mins which seems to be quite a good time, especially for an utter novice. I will check the exact distance later on Google Maps.

Diet held up pretty well over the 3 day stand-down period with a lot of fresh meat and fresh fish. Sure, there was some alcohol involved but I am now ‘dry’ until our next port stop, falling back in to routine this morning, back aboard this great vessel.

This morning’s workout was:

5 RFT:

8 x Handstand Push Up (Strict)

12 x Kettlebell Swing (24kg)

16 x Burpees

1 min Rest.

This was bastardised from an Outlaw CF WOD to suit location and timings.

Round 1: 1:57

Round 2: 1:51

Round 3: 1:56

Round 4: 1:50

Round 5: 1:51

The pace was nice and steady; I directly transferred the breathing lessons from my recent swimming in to this in order to maintain a good rhythm. Everything was unbroken thoughout with only minor time wasted during movement changes when I stumbled while moving up in to a HSPU.

Reading through Facebook on my little RnR, I have discovered that I might be getting just a little bit worn-out by the constant drone of CrossFit posts from others. While I still firmly believe in the methodology and dedication to Elite Fitness, I may have reached a degree of maturity regarding the community itself. I think those of you who also find me on Facebook may also see a significant reduction in my CF / FB crossover interactions.


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