17 Sept 14 – Barbell Complex

For Time and Quality:

10 Rounds of (with 60kg BB):

1 x Deadlift (powerful hip extension at the top)

1 x Clean

1 x Power Clean

1 x Push Press

1 x Push Jerk

Time: 7:54 RX

Warm Up:

5 rounds of the above with 50kg.

I wanted to make up for lack of time on the barbell, correct lifting position (anterior chain development) and lack of time in the gym yesterday. I also ate a phenomenal amount of steak, chicken and burgers last night so needed a bit of a purge too. I’m not sure just how much I’ve achieved in 7:54 but I felt it towards the end. I no-repped myself a few times and forced myself back in to a good position. Rounds 5 and 6 were the hardest but something then ‘switched’ in my head and I powered through 7 and 8 before a quick break and then attacked 9 and 10 with gusto.

Rose joined in this morning and did yesterday’s WOD, 20 reps of each and with 6kg for the Snatch and 8kg for the others. Her effort was outstanding and she couldn’t have asked more of herself. 2kg lost in 3 weeks is a great achievement and so well done to her.


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