16 Sept 14 – Chipper but not so Chipper

For Time:

Run 500m (Treadmill)

25 x Kettlebell Snatch – Single Armed, switching (24kg)

25 x Pull Ups

25 x KB Swing (24kg)

25 x Push Ups

25 x Goblet Squats (24kg)

25 x Sit Ups

Run 500m

Total time: 13:13

There were a few moving parts to this one and time was wasted on the transition to certain stages through no fault of my own. For example, getting the treadmill up to speed and finding a space for Sit Ups (people jumping in to my space as I was working on something else), left me slightly annoyed but I don’t ‘think’ I wasted any more than 30 secs across the pieces.

The 500m was done in 2 mins, the KB Snatches we unbroken and the Pull Ups I broke in to quick repetitions of 5. The KB Swing was unbroken but the Push Ups were a 15 and a 10. The Goblet Squats were broken in to a 15 and 10 also and the Sit Ups were unbroken. The final 500m was also done in 2 mins.

Given the 4 mins of time on the treadmill, plus approx 30 secs of wasted time, this resulted in 8:42 to get 150 Reps completed: 3:48 secs per Rep on average. I am quite content with that, especially as I broke the rounds in to bitesize chunks. This shows a good pace overall. Certainly, I was in bits by the end and knew I had been working hard down there.

Later on in the day, I was supposed to get some more Snatch work done. I have been spending a lot of time deep in Mark Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” and wanting to put a few of the finer points in to practice. However, it was not to be and we had flight deck games of “Bucket Ball” instead (Hoofing game, loved it, albeit our team had a rather short-lived entry to the competition) followed by a massive BBQ.

I had my last physio session and have now been discharged. It is apparent, apparently, that my anterior chain needs a bit of work. It is possible the erector spinae have become a bit over-developed and strained by taking up the slack from poor anterior areas (quads, hip flexors and abs). By getting the technique right in the Olympic Lifting, I will naturally begin to balance that out. Where I have been working more on pull ups, handstand push ups, overhead squats (because I’ve not been able to lift due to elbow injury), I have just over-worked one area (posterior chain) more than the other. This is easily rectified with some attention to correct Olympic Lifting technique and anterior work.


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