15 Sept 14 Part II – The Snatch and Cindy

I picked the wrong time to get down to the gym today and will be readjusting for tomorrow. 4pm is apparently when every man on the ship decides to descend on the tiny, rough-hewn space carved out as our gym and there just isn’t enough space. That said, I was motivated and ready to begin tackling the Snatch again after a long time away from it.

5 x 5 Power Snatch

40 / 40 / 50 / 55 / 60

Given how long it’s been since I really started to work the Snatch, I am content. My personal best is 1 x 75kg and I am way off that at the minute. It has become apparent through video evidence and straining in my upper thoracic, along my erector spinae, that I am over-compensating with my second pull due to lack of power in the hips. Sure, I’m getting full, triple extension but there’s no real power behind it. This I can rectify and I shall be incorporating some second-pull practice from boxes very shortly to start really developing that missing drive. Other than that, the technique was sound at 55kg but began to falter at 60kg with my legs spreading too far apart in the catch. Confidence here is key and time with the bar will help that. Arm & shoulder positioning was sound and this was the most pleasing thing. I also need to engage the posterior chain throughout and not let my pelvis tilt backwards ala Lordosis.

For the MetCon this evening, the Outlaw CF team graciously gave us:

2 Rounds Of:


500m Row (well, it should have been an 800m Run but I had nowhere to do this).

In total, I completed 10 rounds of Grace (5 x Pull Ups, 10 x Push Ups and 15 x Squats) within the 2 x 4min rounds.

The rows were both done in under 1:47min/500m.

Total Time: 12:47.

8 mins were set for Grace and the rows took 3:34 which meant almost 1:13 was wasted through transitions to and from the rower. I didn’t have a dedicated rower but had to switch to a different one in a very different location for the second round. Still, it was wasted time that reduced the power output overall. Having said that, I know (and should remind myself here) that I worked harder on that workout than I have in a very long time. Spent.


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