15 Sept 14 – I’m told it’s a Sunday. 3 RFT Lateral Jumps, Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, Pull Ups and Dips

Apparently, it’s a weekend and a Sunday at that. The days continue to roll in to each other.

After 2 days off from CrossFit, I feel quite refreshed and was looking forward to really going 100% this morning. As always seems to be the case, however, that wasn’t to be the fume-filled, green-light lit gym this morning certainly didn’t get either Matt or I in to the correct frame of mind. That said, it’s fair to say we both gave at least 85-90% throughout and in the conditions was about acceptable. This afternoon I intend making up for it with big lifts.

3 RFT:

30 x Lateral Jumps over Bench

20 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 32kg

15 x Pull Ups

15 x Dips (using Bench)

Time: 10:03

Matt: 10:16

The Lateral Jumps gave us something different to think about today. In a confined space, we really had to concentrate on footfall and not landing on other bits of equipment. With that in mind, it required quite a bit of concentration and we managed to get a good rhythm going with volleys of 20 or so unbroken, on the bounce. The SDHP hasn’t been visited in a while and had to be broken in to a 10 and 2 x 5 each time. The thighs and hips certainly took the strain, purposefully so, in order to free up the arms for the pull ups and dips. I should remind everyone (and myself for future read back) that the bar we use for pull-ups is a scaffolding pole, covered in tape, hanging from a roof support; it hangs down on ¾” threaded metal dowels and is completely unstable on both ends. The bar has considerable sway (about 6”) that makes for a very difficult platform to perform pull-ups. I am hoping that the ‘rough’ nature of this bar will have a direct benefit when it comes to performing them on a nice, sanitary construction back at home. The dips were done as reverse dips on a bench with only about 9” drop; this allowed for an approx 90 degree movement in the arm but was not especially challenging and should have been increased to take in to account the progressive nature of the equipment used.

Despite taking pauses that were too long, I recall telling myself throughout that I need to be breathing fire and then forcing myself back on to the bar / lift. Still, it wasn’t good enough this morning and I’ll rectify that later.

Breakfast was 4 x boiled eggs (massively under cooked!!!) and 3 rashers of lean bacon, a small glass of OJ, a small glass of milk, followed by a black coffee with Cadbury’s Options Hot Chocolate in it.

As always, 2100mg of EPA/DHA (Fish Oil Omega 3) too.


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