14 Sept 14 Part 2 – Power Clean & Push Jerks

For 3 days I have been looking forward to this and it paid off. After a ‘relatively’ poor show this morning and 2 days off reading CF Journal articles, I really wanted to get stuck in and lift big weights.

15mins to a 5 Rep Max Power Clean & Push Jerk.

Matt, Dale and I conducted a quick warm up and then got in to skills work on the Cleans. I knew I was in for a good lift and as we started to move up from 60kg, I could feel it.

60, 60, 65, 70, 80!!

I remember in Afghanistan when 80kg was my 1RM and with very poor form. Alright, so I’ve not made the progressions that I should have done but to be able to do back-to-back 5 x 80kg is a significant improvement. Physio evidence shows strong mechanical form throughout although I know I wasn’t as explosive in the hips as I should have been; I can work on that. The Push Jerk was pretty good throughout although I’ll admit to one or two Push Presses in the middle rounds. Genuinely, not many though.

Matt and Dale, both new to the movements, achieved a strong 5 x 65kg twice and were able to hold good mechanics to the end. Dale is a definite ‘convert’ but then it’s not as if there’s anything to convert to, I’m just trying to convince people to move properly and perform the movements correctly.

A good end to Sunday, very happy with that.


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