11 Sept 14 – 10 to 1 Balancing, Core Smash

Waking up at 0600, it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually looked at the WOD (either Outlaw or CF Mainsite) for today. Very quickly, I went back over what we had been doing recently, the approximate ‘time on target’ and what we had been missing. What I came up with was ad hoc, a bit ‘different’ and a bit of a core blast, especially after the KB Swings yesterday.

10 – 1 For Time:

Sit Up to Stand (no hands to sit nor rise)

Toes To Bar

Goblet Squat (24kg)

Time: 11:16 RX

Matt: 11:52 (20kg Goblet)

Rose: 12:18 (8kg Goblet, Knee Raises)

The Sit Up To Stand is a good one and definitely something noone else does regularly. Sit down completely without using hands, lay back in to the sit up position; without raising the hips, launch the arms forward and use the momentum to rise in to a stand with full extension. Without using hands, sit down, repeat. I haven’t done these in a while and the balance was definitely a little off (I’m sure the rolling of the ship had a little to do with that) but cracked all rounds unbroken. Going straight in to the Toes To Bar and then having to hold good form for the Goblet Squats meant the core took a real beating – AWESOME!

This afternoon’s session was a bit rushed due to time but was taken from today’s Outlaw CF WOD:

3 x 8 Front Squats w/ 3 sec Pause at the bottom.

Who knew 50kg could feel so heavy!!!!????

I warmed up with some 60kgs (3 x 5) but quickly realised that the hold at the bottom was going to cause problems so reduced the weight to 50kg, hoping to perhaps move back to 60kg in the later round. Not to be. Sinking in to the first round, I was pretty comfortable although could feel the fatigue on reps 7 and 8. Round 2 was a bitch; light-headedness and a few minor pauses at the top slowing me down further. As for round 3……that was tough. A full 3 second pause at the bottom of each squat, maintaining good form (video evidence) saps the legs and the general will to live. Still, I got through and slumped to the ground, ready to finish it.

Then I began thinking of some of the things I have written on here recently, stood up and started adjusting the weights.

1 x 70kg

1 x 80kg

1 x 90kg

1 x 100kg

1 x 110kg.

Finishing on my Front Squat 1RM has left me in a good mood, especially as I get 2 days off now to rest too. The knees are a little tender after the last 4 and 3 day stretches at 2 WODs per day (12 WODs in 8 days plus 2 lengthy stretching sessions) and can definitely do with some TLC. The back needs some dedicated stretching too and I’ll be focusing on that for the next few days.

I don’t want to believe that I am over-training, I don’t feel like I am although I know my body is a bit fatigued. Given the opportunity to get some proper work done aboard this, I really don’t want to waste it; at the same time, I don’t want to hurt myself. I want to get home at the end and begin time at CrossFit Plymouth ready and raring to go.


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